Thursday, September 29, 2016


The effort in Congress to stop the ICANN transfer may not have succeeded, but 4 states starting with Texas are now joining the battle for keeping the internet free and safe, and have filed a lawsuit:
Three conservative states are suing the Obama administration in an attempt to block the U.S. government from ceding oversight of some of the internet’s core systems.

The attorneys general of Texas, Oklahoma and Arizona on Thursday asked a federal court in Galveston, Texas, to keep the Commerce Department from relinquishing oversight of ICANN, or the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

The internet relies on the “domain name” system. That includes directories helping computers on the network send data. ICANN has overseen the directories since 1998.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and others opposed the transition, which was approved by Congress in a temporary spending bill keeping the government running. The lawsuit says ceding control of ICANN violates the Property Clause of U.S. Constitution, which restricts giving away government property.
I wish Texas and the others good luck with this suit, and it's good they're concerned, because local security is just as important as national, and they have every right to be concerned on those grounds too.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Joel Pollak and Frank Gaffney both note that it's just three days left till Obama could surrender away the internet to unreliable sources and form a disaster for everybody in electronics. It remains to be seen if Congress will act to prevent the disaster or not. And you can very well say that if the GOP reps won't do it, it'll be to their discredit for enabling something that could easily destroy a lot of hard work to make this a better world.

So what's it going to be with Congress? Are they going to prove themselves or not?

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


The Buddhist monk says Syrians should go home and rebuild their country (Hat tip: Truth Revolt):
"The main effort should go to help their own country bring peace, in Syria, Libya or even Afghanistan. Generally the people always feel, 'Oh, one day we return'," the Dalai Lama told Morgan. "[They] should rebuild their own country."
He's throughly correct. Yet it's not really their own country the Syrian interlopers in Europe care about, but their Religion of Rape. That's what motivates a lot of them to go turn other countries into living hells.

Sunday, September 25, 2016


A gunman murdered 4 women and a man at a Burlington mall in Washington. It turns out he's of Turkish background, and mostly like an Islamofascist:
Police have identified the alleged shooter in the Burlington mall attack as Arcan Cetin, 20, of Oak Harbor, Washington. Multiple reports indicate that Cetin was an immigrant from Turkey — not a citizen, but a legal permanent resident of the United States.

Cetin allegedly killed four women and one man at the Cascade Mall on Friday evening. Local NBC News affiliate KING-5 reports that he used three guns in the attack, all of which had been legally purchased by Cetin’s father, and which he stole.
He even signaled he supports Hillary Clinton and additional reports indicate he's a Muslim. And Rep. Michael McCaul of the homeland security committee says there's a very possible chance this was an Islamic terror attack. Even in a state like Washington, it's getting very dangerous.

Friday, September 23, 2016


Michael Bell wrote in The Globe and Mail that Israel's prime minister is in a strong position on middle eastern topics. But he slips when brings up the following:
Despite persistent criticism by U.S. administrations, particularly that of President Barack Obama, the Israeli-U.S. relationship has not been weakened. The situation would be more favourable for Mr. Netanyahu with Hillary Clinton. Earlier this month, an agreement was signed between the Obama administration and Israel committing the United States to delivering $38-billion (U.S.) in military aid. This is reinforced by far-reaching intelligence and security co-operation. It is buttressed by tax-deductible donations from wealthy Americans and well-endowed foundations aimed at expanding the Israeli presence in the West Bank.
Oh for heaven's sake. He's falling back on the laughable notion that only a leftist can prove a favorable relation with Israel. That's not so at all, and let's not forget that Hillary Clinton's approach to the Benghazi issue was disastrous. She also led a favorable relationship with Arafat and his wife. So why should we expect her to be any better to Israel?

I think Bell's got to wake up and smell the coffee.


Trump is wisely offering his support for internet freedom, and opposition to the Obama administration's intention to give it away and potentially damage everything:
Donald Trump praised congressional Republicans’ efforts on Wednesday. “Donald J. Trump is committed to preserving internet freedom for the American people and citizens all over the world,” his campaign said in an official statement.

“The U.S. should not turn control of the internet over to the United Nations and the international community. President Obama intends to do so on his own authority – just 10 days from now, on Oct. 1, unless Congress acts quickly to stop him,” the statement continued.

South Dakota Sen. John Thune told reporters Wednesday that he is “pretty confident” that language preventing the transition of IANA oversight will be included in the text of the spending bill.
I sure hope so, and that justice can be done.

In more related news, the UK Register's got an article on how ICANN's been accused of mismanagements, one more reason why they can't just be allowed to take charge all by themselves.

Thursday, September 22, 2016


And they're probably fine with that. The UK Express (via Pamela Geller) says:
In February Express.co.uk reported the Scandinavian country has seen a huge surge in crime since the start of the migrants crisis in Europe with a rise in sex assaults, drug dealing and children carrying weapons.

The force’s increased lack of control in the country was revealed in a report by Sweden’s National Criminal Investigation Service, where attacks on officers were detailed, including police cars being stoned by masked groups.

At the time around 50 areas were put on a “blacklist” which are then divided into three categories from “risk areas” to “seriously vulnerable”.

The figure has now been increased to 55 as the Swedish police force are facing a crisis, with three officers handing in their notice every day.

It is estimated that 80 per cent of the police officers are also considering changing professions, due to lack of funding and support to tackle the increasing levels of crime.

Speaking to NRK, police officer Peter Larsson said: “We have a major crisis. Many colleagues are choosing to quit.

“We are not investigating crimes, we don’t have time to cover the call-outs we are tasked with.

“A drastically worsened working environment means many colleagues are now looking for other work.”

A regular shift for the Swedish force includes being attacked by thugs who throw stones at the officers and their patrol cars, vehicles being set ablaze, and in some cases personal injuries.

A new report released last week revealed the situation in the country has worsened since the National Criminal Investigation Service’s document emerged in February.

A report entitled ‘A national overview of criminal networks with major impact in the local community’ said it was common place for unattended police cars to be attacked, for police officers to be attacked and to be exposed to threats.

It added drug and gang violence are still flourishing in the no-go zones

Malmö in south Sweden was one of the cities which was flagged as a particularly hit area in the liberal country.
But don't expect Sweden to assign its own military to deal with any of this. Just recently, a Swedish government charity organization said that Swedes should integrate with the invaders. Here's the Breitbart report (also via Pamela Geller):
“It’s time to realise the new Swedes will claim their space” an ad insists, describing the Nordic nation as a “safe space” for migrants and concluding: “There is no way back. Sweden will never be like it was.”

The campaign is called “The New Country” (hashtag #detnyalandet) with a website appearing alongside the film, arguing that residents should adopt foreign “cultures” and “languages”, rather than expect new arrivals to become Swedish.
No doubt they also want Swedes to convert to Islam. If the Nazis had won WW2, I wouldn't be surprised if they'd introduce Islam into Europe at the time. Nor would I be shocked if any Nazis had converted to Islam during WW2. As for Sweden, it's clear they're plummeting into a civil war already as the invaders turn the place into a hellhole.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Utah senator Mike Lee wrote on Daily Signal why it's bad to risk letting totalitarian regimes get hold of the internet:
Just five years after ICANN was created, the United Nations established a Working Group on Internet Governance “to investigate and make proposals for action … on the governance of Internet.” And in 2012 at the World Conference on International Telecommunications, several authoritarian regimes—including Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia—called for the “sovereign right” of governments to “establish and implement public policy, including international policy, on matters of Internet governance.”
There's every chance they still have that goal in mind, so letting them get hold of the web would only be bad news, and that's why a transfer should be opposed. Also, as noted here:
ICANN is currently involved in litigation over alleged improper interference from governments who objected to how the organization awarded the .africa domain name. And the organization was recently admonished by an independent review panel for making decisions that were “cavalier” and “simply not credible” in relation to an application for domain names.
As discovered earlier, ICANN's also got shady people involved, one more reason why they're not fit yet to be a steward on their own. In fact, with that record, there's valid grounds not to let them manage the web, but rather, to assign another business, non-profit or otherwise, to handle things.

One of the commenters also said:
I would suggest that IF our LIAR-in-CHIEF gets HIS WAY and gives up the TOTAL CONTROL of the internet to the U.N., then the people of America should start our OWN and separate internet inside America and leave the rest of the world out of OUR internet until we get a FREE & OPEN internet back from the U.N. so we can have what we have NOW, if you could call what we have now, an entirely free & open without our goverment controlling even partially what we see & hear over our portion of the internet.
This reflects what I was thinking pretty well. There could be a separate internet corporation established, providing needed competition for domain development and such. There's no need to let one company have a monopoly on internet development. Whatever the outcome of the fight to protect the web as it stands now, I think the competition should be started now, because it could have benefits in the future.


And if she's that radicalized, then it's clear she's not fit to mother them regardless. From the Philadelphia Daily News:
A North Philadelphia mother of two admitted Tuesday that she planned to abandon her children and travel to Syria to pursue "martyrdom operations" with an ISIS fighter she married over the internet.

Keonna Thomas, 32, pleaded guilty to attempting to provide material support to a terrorist organization during a brief hearing in federal court. She acknowledged her plans were derailed last year only when federal agents raided her home the day she was scheduled to leave the country.

"I believe that I'm guilty of this charge," said Thomas, dressed in a head scarf and green prison jumpsuit, when asked by U.S. District Judge Michael Baylson why she was changing her plea.

Federal authorities had couched the case as the latest in a string of prosecutions to combat what they describe as a "more decentralized, more diffuse, more complicated" homegrown terror threat from U.S. citizens radicalized over the internet.
Now is that possible to marry somebody over the internet and Skype? Only Islamofascists could possibly see that as valid.

Note how the woman also wears a hijab, and when she does that even in prison, it's clear she's acting in contempt of the society she's isolating herself from. Her children deserve far better, and it's terrible she's causing such embarrassment.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Ahmed Rahami, the bomb maker arrested for planting the bombs in New Jersey and New York, was rather unsurprisingly negative about the country he lived in, and even homophobic (hat tip: Hot Air):
The man who police nabbed and shot Monday after a day-long dragnet in connection with a series of terror attacks in and around New York was a bad father who disliked America, hated gays and took long trips to his homeland of Afghanistan, according to the mother of his young daughter.

Maria, whose full name is being withheld by FoxNews.com, said her high school sweetheart, Ahmad Khan Rahami, didn’t pay child support and often railed against American culture. The 26-year-old, who spoke after her grandmother called her for a reporter who produced his press credential and identified himself at the grandmother’s home in Elizabeth, said she had not seen Rahami in two years.

"He would speak often of Western culture and how it was different back home,” she said. “How there weren't homosexuals in Afghanistan.

"He seemed standoffish to American culture, but I never thought he would cross the line," she added.
Well obviously he was, and did. If the wife accepted his religion, then she's done something very stupid, and shouldn't have underestimated his capabilities. This should serve as a crucial lesson why not to marry an Islamist unless they're willing to abandon the Religion of Peace. Not doing only ensures worry will be needed.

Sunday, September 18, 2016


The Washington Free Beacon reveals that ICANN has been plagued by corruption already, even before the Obama administration set out to transfer oversight to foreign sources who could prove to be a bad lot:
The international organization the Obama administration is pushing to hand control over the internet to has provided official accreditation to people who have transferred technology to Iran, worked with North Korea, and ordered “murders-for-hire,” according to congressional testimony that raises questions about the organization’s practices.

Obama administration efforts to hand over control of America’s Internet to The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, an international coalition of 162 countries and entities, have sparked outrage on Capitol Hill, where critics allege the move would stifle the free flow of information.

Experts familiar with ICANN’s structure testified before Congress on Wednesday that the organization has failed to act in a transparent and accountable fashion, raising questions about how it would operate free from U.S. government oversight.

On multiple occasions, ICANN has provided official accreditation to people operating as an “arm of a criminal network,” including one person who pled guilty to transferring U.S. technology to Iran, according to testimony by John Horton, president and CEO of LegitScript, which works with international governments.

ICANN continues to provide legitimacy to these organizations despite mounting evidence they have engaged in illegal activity, according to Horton, who explained that these criminal sites “remain online because ICANN green-lighted the registrar’s refusal to investigate or take action.”

One of these outfits is ABSystems, a “rogue internet pharmacy network” that provided cover to its founder, Paul Le Roux, who has been dubbed the “most successful criminal mastermind you’ve never heard of.”

“In December 2013, Paul Le Roux pleaded guilty to crimes involving North Korean methamphetamine trafficking, the transfer of US technology to Iran, and several murders-for-hire,” according to Horton’s testimony, which was offered to the Senate Judiciary Committee. “Mr. Le Roux, a Zimbabwean national … remains in US custody, pending sentencing.”

Le Roux financed his illegal endeavors “by operating as an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar, creating a rogue internet pharmacy network through his ability to register domain names unimpeded,” according to Horton.
Gee whiz. It's already clear ICANN's plagued by some of the worst people around if they allowed men like that to ply their trade without opposition. And it's just one more reason why I think separate internet management agencies should be established even if ICANN doesn't go under bad foreign controls. These separate companies might have to charge more money for services but that could ensure better trustworthiness.

This is proof beyond a doubt that ICANN cannot be entrusted to foreigners who could serve shady interests. And who knows what Iran's been doing with that technology Le Roux gave them?


The French government wants to distribute migrants from the Calais camp to other parts of France, which has various cities rightly angry, and opposed to the plan:
The group of leaders have rallied against the plan to dismantle the Calais migrant camp amid growing concerns the French government want to "secretly" replace the squalid makeshift camp with 'mini-Jungles' all over France.

Dozens of refugee camps will be set up across the country after the French Interior Minister insisted that he will shut down the notorious Jungle camp, holding at least 9,000 migrants.

A leaked government report announced plans to send 12,000 migrants throughout France as the solution to clear out Calais.
All that'll do is set up the same problem elsewhere across the country, and they know it. All they're doing is hinting they're not sorry about the terrorist attacks and other acts of violence already caused by the Islamofascists in the country.
The plan will see 12,000 migrants, evacuated from Calais and Paris, moved all across France.

The only region exempt from the plan is Corsica, following high-profile attacks on migrants on the island.

Robert Menard, the far-right mayor of the town of Beziers, warned that he does not want his city to be turned into "a small Calais".

He rejected the government's "offer to distribute the problem across France".

He said: "I do not want to grapple with this problem because I have already enough migrants and don't need to take in more of them.

"Earlier I opposed the arrival of Syrian refugees in Beziers, and now I do not want Calais migrants to come to my city which is poor enough and has other problems to deal with."

The controversial mayor said that the migrants already in the city added to crime and terrorism, after they "received some number of jihadists who proved to be terrorists".
And that's why no sane community should be forced to take them in. Hollande's government is just continuing to be deceptive and contemptible of the public they've harmed with their dhimmmitude. The migrants should be thrown out of the country, and if they wanted to, I think they could do that.

Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Minnesota Mall Stabbing Jihad (VIDEO)

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At Legal Insurrection, "ISIS Claims Responsibility for Minnesota Mall Knife-Wielding Terrorist."

And at the Wall Street Journal, "Minnesota Mall Stabbing Suspect Made References to Allah, Police Say."

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Trump Ends Controversy, Says Obama Born in United States (VIDEO)

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I expect the story will continue to get play over the weekend, but by Monday it's going to be a blip on the radar.

Donald Trump appears to be moving on.

See the big report from last night's World News Tonight:

Thursday, September 15, 2016


Robert Spencer wrote on PJ Media about why fighting jihad is going to still take a long time to win. And sadly, he's right.


An example of why the "jungle" migrant camp at Calais, France is one of the most terrible things that could happen to the country (via Jihad Watch):
The policemen had been sent to the Grande-Synthe Linière refugee camp, in northern France, to arrest a group of individuals suspected of smuggling migrants across the Channel.

The arrests were part of a larger police investigation, and the policemen were trying to disband a local migrant smuggling ring.

But the operation was brought to a halt after a group of migrants launched an attack on the three men.

One of them was badly injured and had to be rushed to a nearby hospital in Dunkirk, but has since been discharged.

Six migrants were arrested on suspicion of being involved in the attack, and remain in police custody [...]
They must be thrown out of the country one way or another, because they're causing all the horror they're going to continue causing.


Finally, some justice is being done in Guatemala for all the children who've been abused by the Islamized Haredi cult that previously resided in Canada:
Authorities in Guatemala raided the compound of a haredi Orthodox sect living there, separating children from their parents, after allegations of physical and mental abuse surfaced.

Israel’s Justice Ministry said Sept. 13 that the Central American country had obeyed its request to crack down on the Lev Tahor group, according to Orthodox news website Kikar Hashabbat.

The Guatemalan government suspected the sect of performing child marriages and abusing members, including children.

The Justice Ministry said it was in touch with Guatemalan authorities to ensure the safety of Israeli citizens, including minors, who are members of the group, according to Kikar Hashabbat. The report did not specify how many people are currently members of the group or in what city the compound in question was located.
One of the reports I saw about this case says that Guatemala wisely raised its age threshold for marriage from 14 to 18, making it easier to charge the sect members with child abuse and forced marriage.

However, there is a sad bit of related news in all this:
In June, a court in Guatemala indicted the ex-mayor of a small town for “participating in the expulsion of a religious community,” after some 230 members of Lev Tahor were forced out of the village in 2014. The expulsion followed religious disputes with its Mayan residents, who are Roman Catholic.

The mayor of San Juan La Laguna, Antonio Adolfo Perez y Perez, was charged with abuse of authority and discrimination and sentenced to house arrest, the local newspaper Prensa Libre reported. He had lost his political immunity on Jan. 14 after he was not re-elected.
Excuse me? What did the guy do wrong? The cult was abusing their welcome and insulting everyone's intellect, and they accuse him of acting illegally? The cult was asking to be thrown out for their contempt, and their behavior was disgusting. It's time to shut down Helbrans's repulsive charade once and for all, and the former town mayor should be acquitted of the charges against him.

I'm certainly glad for now that the authorities have acted properly and ensured the cult would be detained. Those facing charges for abuse and kidnapping in Canada should be extradited back there, and also back to Israel, where I'm sure there's charges being filed against them too.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


One of the most important reasons why not to allow sources like the UN to take control of the internet is because, if the wrong crowd were to take up use of government/military domains, it could enable them to exploit the addresses for bad goals. That's one of the reasons why opposition to Obama's effort to endanger the internet has been launched:
Cruz and Duffy’s legislation “will ensure that the United States maintains sole ownership of the .gov and .mil top-level domains, which are vital to national security,” according to the memo.
There's also the dangers of hackers, who could probably exploit a slapdash transfer to jeopardize security and conduct phishing scams. SC Magazine quotes a CEO from Invincea telling that ICANN's work doesn't include oversight of potential threat vectors. But with the Obama administration's questionable record, how can we possibly trust them to ensure security will continue to be managed well? There's no guarantee the Obama administration, or even a Hillary Clinton-led government, would ensure the safety of security. That's why Republican politicians in Congress are doing the right thing to fight all careless management of a transfer to foreign sources.


Over the past 2 years, it appears Obama's administration was paying over potentially $30 billion to Iran:
The $1.7 billion cash payment that the White House recently sent to Iran suggests that Washington may have transferred to Tehran more than $33 billion in untraceable cash and precious metals since 2014, giving the Islamic Republic greater flexibility to launder money and finance terrorism, a sanctions expert told Congress on Thursday.

In his testimony before the House Financial Services Committee, Mark Dubowitz, the executive director of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, challenged the White House’s claim that it had to transport the money to Iran in a mixture of foreign currencies on plane instead of wiring it because, according to the administration, “we are so strict in maintaining sanctions and we do not have a banking relationship with Iran.”
If the administration gave that much to Iran, it's more than enough to develop tons of nuclear weapons and other deadly technology. The world's only been made a more dangerous place thanks to their disturbing jizya.

Sunday, September 11, 2016


It's been 15 years since the tragedy of 9-11 struck, and Michelle Malkin reminds everyone of how the hijackers and many other jihadists since have yelled out "allahu akbar" while committing their violent crimes.

Never forget the key issues in the war against Islamic terrorism.

Hillary's 'Knees Buckled' as She Was Rushed From 9/11 Memorial Service After Suffering 'Medical Episode'

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Apparently, she "stumbled off the curb," her "knees buckled," and she "lost a shoe as she was helped into a van."

Also, at Fox News, via Memerandum, "Hillary Clinton has ‘medical episode’ at 9/11 ceremony, source says."

Added: There's video of Clinton getting in the van, at Sky News. She doesn't look well at all. Knees definitely buckled, "Hillary Clinton Leaves 9/11 Ceremony Feeling 'Overheated'."

Unhealthy Hillary photo CsFYY_sVMAAOCAR_zpshd8kysga.jpg

Friday, September 09, 2016


Now, adding to the horrors that have come after the terrorist attacks in Paris and Nice, there's also violence in places like Toulon against women who wear shorts:
Two families on a cycle ride in Toulon, southern France, came under violent attack after assailants hurled insults at two female partners for wearing shorts, according to prosecutors.

The attack, carried out by a group of youths from a housing estate in the Mediterranean port town, has sparked claims that parts of France are prey to an Islamist “morality police”.
Without a doubt, they are indeed.
Two couples with their three children and a friend were on a Sunday afternoon outing on bikes and roller blades when the “incredibly violent” attack took place, according to Var Matin, the local newspaper.

They were passing near the Cité des Oeillets, an estate in eastern Toulon, when a group of adolescents starting insulting the women of the group because of their shorts, including jibes such as: “Dirty whore, get naked.”

When their male partners sought to intervene, a larger group of youths arrived and a fight ensued, according to the Toulon prosecutor; Bernard Marchal.

“The male partners had simply asked them to respect their women and that sparked the fight. The three men were violently beaten on the face in front of their children. This was provocation of a sexual nature with the intention of forcing a reaction out of the men present,” said Mr Marchal.

One of the men was severely beaten and has had to take a month off work, while another had his nose broken. The women were lightly injured and the children suffered from shock.

Thanks to CCTV, police were able to identify and arrest two suspects, aged 17 and 19, and a preliminary investigation has been launched to identify other suspects.
This is downright repulsive. If the authorities want to prove they're going to crack down on such violence, they're going to have to start seeing to it that the judges stop giving weak sentences. They're also going to have to start imposing serious monetary fines upon the offenders.
The attack comes a month after an 18-year old girl was spat at and insulted by a group of girls who found her shorts indecent.

Maud Vallet posted a Facebook picture of herself in shock afterwards with the caption: “Hello, I’m a slag”. The post received over 81,000 “likes”, or signs of readers’ anger and sadness over the incident.

She recounted asking her taunters: "Why are you calling me a whore because I'm wearing shorts while a man can walk around the centre of town bare-chested without anyone saying anything?"

She said they replied: "Because you're a woman and should respect yourself, you idiot."

A solidarity “march in shorts” was held in the town.
There should be more solidarity movements like those held here too. The creeps who insulted the girl were invoking an offensive cliche of sexualizing a woman's body, and come to think of it, men's too. Maybe male Muslim offenders should even be made to wear a veil over their heads, if anything, as a punishment for their own felonies.